.NET SDK to Manipulate & Translate HTML Files on any Platform

Enrich your C# .NET Apps with HTML Processing & Manipulation functionality via Cloud SDK to build, translate, render & convert HTML files.

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Aspose.HTML Cloud SDK for .NET

Aspose.HTMLCloud SDK for .NET


Aspose.HTML Cloud SDK for .NET is a .NET library for communicating with the Aspose.HTML Cloud API, which enables you to perform a wide range of file processing operations including creation, manipulation, conversion, and rendering of HTML files in the cloud.

Conversion to Different Formats

This HTML Cloud SDK for .NET supports document conversion to fixed layout document formats such as PDF, XPS or to raster image formats including JPEG, PNG, BMP or TIFF. You may even choose to render a complete file or select a few pages and perform the conversion.

The converted files are produced according to the target file's standards and specifications so that the resultant file can easily be loaded within their native applications.


Advanced HTML Processing Features



Create HTML pages from scratch


Load HTML from existing file


Get HTML fragments using XPath queries


Render HTML to raster Images


Convert HTML to PDF or XPS & Convert HTML page to MHTML via URL


Translate HTML text content & Get HTML Images


Download HTML page and its linked resources as a ZIP archive


API explorer based on swagger collection


APIs are secured and require authentication

Manipulate HTML Nodes

Aspose.HTML Cloud SDK for .NET enables you to navigate through the HTML document either by elements, document or XPath selector queries, and insert, remove, replace HTML nodes on the go.

HTML to Fixed-Layout Format Conversion

Aspose.HTML Cloud SDK for .NET provides the capabilities to create or load HTML files, and render the output in PDF or XPS.

The conversion process is highly customizable and depends upon the values of URL parameters i.e. the sourceUrl and outPath. If sourceUrl parameter is specified, it can contain absolute web URL, which means an HTML page from web, or if its a relative URL, it indicates that the cloud-stored HTML document. Else the source document is passed as the request content stream. If outPath parameter is specified, the resulting document will be saved in the cloud storage by specified path and name and if its not specified, the result will be returned as the response content stream.

HTML to PDF conversion - C#

string path = Path.Combine(CommonSettings.DataFolder, "testpage4_embcss.html");
string outFile = $"{Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension("testpage4_embcss.html")}_converted.{ext}";
IConversionApi convApi = new ConversionApi(CommonSettings.AppKey, CommonSettings.AppSID, CommonSettings.BasePath);
NativeRestResponse response= convApi.PutConvertDocumentToPdf(srcStream, outFile, 800, 1200, 15, 15, 15, 15, null);

Extract Images from HTML Document

Aspose.HTML Cloud SDK for .NET enables you to Extract all images from the HTML document. They will be returned in the response content stream as a zipped package of image files.

Rendering to Raster Image Formats

Aspose.HTML Cloud SDK for .NET offers high fidelity rendering engine at its core which can convert HTML pages to most commonly used raster image formats including TIFF, BMP, PNG & JPEG without requiring any additional software or tool.

Translate HTML Page

Another feature of Aspose.HTML Cloud API which you can use via the SDK is to translate the text content of HTML document to other languages simultaneously (currently English to German, French & Russian translation is supported).


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