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Aspose.Imaging for Cloud

Aspose.Imaging for Cloud


Aspose.Imaging for Cloud is a REST API to inspect, convert and transform images in the cloud. It supports converting between the most popular image file formats such as PSD, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and JPEG.


Advanced Cloud Images Transformation API Features



Convert images to other supported formats


Crop, rotate, flip & resize images


Retrieve & update format specific or generic image properties


Convert images to fax compatible format


Append TIFF frames to another TIFF image


Extract TIFF frames from a multi-page TIFF image


Crop, rotate or flip and resize TIFF frames

Get Started with Document Processing REST API

It is easy to get started with Aspose.Imaging for Cloud and there is nothing to install. Simply create an account at Aspose for Cloud and get your application information. Once you have the App SID & key, you are ready to give the Aspose.Imaging for Cloud REST API a try with any language - on any platform. Aspose.Imaging for Cloud provides the capabilities to quickly and reliably convert images to and from a variety of formats including PSD, TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPEG and PNG.

Support for TIFF Image Format

Aspose.Imaging for Cloud API provides extensive support for TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), an adaptable file format for handling images and data within a single file. You can get the feature to perform a wide variety of operations on TIFF images, such as conversion to other formats and image manipulation operations. It can append TIFF frames to another TIFF image or Extract individual TIFF frames for further processing such as resize, crop and Rotation on individual TIFF frames.

Extract Frame from a Multi-Frame TIFF Image - C#

// For complete examples and data files, please go to
ImagingApi imagingApi = new ImagingApi(Common.APP_KEY, Common.APP_SID, Common.BASEPATH);
StorageApi storageApi = new StorageApi(Common.APP_KEY, Common.APP_SID, Common.BASEPATH);
// Upload source file to aspose cloud storage
storageApi.PutCreate(fileName, "", "", System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(Common.GetDataDir() + fileName));
// Invoke Aspose.Imaging Cloud SDK API to extract frame from multi frame tiff image
//GetImageFrame(fileName, frameId, newWidth, newHeight, x, y, rectWidth, rectHeight, rotateFlipMethod, saveOtherFrames, outPath, folder, storage);
ResponseMessage apiResponse = imagingApi.GetImageFrame("sample-multi.tif", 1, 300, 300, 100, 100, 200, 200, "", false, "", "", "");

Conversion to Fax Friendly Image Format

Another worth mentioning feature that Aspose.Imaging for Cloud API provides is the image conversion to fax compatible format. This feature can be used to archive document images because Aspose.Imaging for Cloud achieves the conversion by compressing the supplied image with CCITT4 compression with color depth of 1 bit.

Manipulate Images on the Cloud

Aspose.Imaging for Cloud provides all basic imaging requirements by providing demanding yet flexible features such as resize, crop, rotate or flip. These operations can be performed on any supported image type while keeping the original data type intact. Developers can choose to change the data type of the output image by specifying one additional parameter in the request.

Retrieve Image Properties

By invoking the properties operation – Cloud imaging API retrieves generic image properties such as dimension and resolution as well as format specific parameters such as color depth, compression, EXIF and JFIF information in JSON or XML format.

Manipulate & Convert Images With Or Without Cloud Storage

The majority of features provided by Aspose.Imaging for Cloud support both the POST & GET HTTP methods, providing the ability to manipulate and convert images with or without requiring cloud storage.

Language, Platform & Storage Independence

Aspose.Imaging for Cloud can be used with any language or platform which supports HTTP requests and responses. You can also use Aspose.Imaging for Cloud with many third party storage including Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Google Drive and DropBox.


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