Aspose.OMR  Cloud SDK for Java

Use OMR as a service in Java

Build powerful and reliable software-based optical mark readers that can run on any platform with just a few lines of Java code.

Get Started

Aspose.OMR Cloud is an easy-to-use and versatile online service for designing, rendering and recognizing hand-filled answer sheets, surveys, questionnaires, tests, insurance claims, and similar forms. With it, you can quickly develop on-premise and web-based Java applications for optical mark recognition (OMR) that require minimal resources on the client side - all the work is performed by remote services.

This software development kit (SDK) simplifies the interaction with Aspose.OMR Cloud services, allowing you to focus on the task at hand, not the technical details. It handles all the routine operations such as establishing connections, sending API requests, and parsing responses, wrapping all these tasks into a few simple methods that can be used in any Java application.

This SDK, demo apps, and form templates are distributed under the MIT license. You can modify them to suit your needs and use them in any commercial and free projects.

Features and Capabilities of OMR Cloud Service

Use your smartphone camera instead of a scanner

Read all types of marks drawn with a pen, pencil or marker

Supports all image formats you can get from a scanner or camera

Processes write-in fields and custom drawings

Superior recognition accuracy for reliable results

Fine-tune recognition parameters to handle difficult cases

Powerful markup languages for creating all types of forms

Personalize forms with barcodes, QR codes, branding and images

Requires minimal resources on the end user devices

Quick start

This SDK makes it easy to integrate your Java application with our service. You can forget about tons of low-level code like request flow, HTTP headers, error handling, and the like - all tasks are done in a few lines of native Java code that even inexperienced developers can maintain.

OMR SDK for Java comes with a number of fully-functional examples, that allow you to quickly familiarize yourself with its functions and capabilities and give you an idea of creating solutions for your business needs.

Wide range of applications

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology has many applications and can greatly simplify almost any part of your life when you need to collect and analyze manually filled data. It fully automates the process, allowing hundreds of sheets per minute to be recognized with nearly 100% accuracy, and saves the results directly to a database for further aggregation and analysis. Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Education: answer sheets, tests, quizzes, SAT forms, and many more.
  • Questionnaires: customer satisfaction surveys, feedback forms, orders, meal preferences.
  • Applications: insurance claims, financial applications, border entry forms.
  • And many more.

Create forms without design tools

Our API supports the complete OMR workflow - from designing a form to recognizing its scanned hardcopies. It offers highly flexible JSON and text markups with 20 layout and content elements that can be combined with each other to produce forms of any layout can complexity.

Forms are generated in most popular graphic formats, as well as PDF documents, which allows you to print them on a regular printer or on high-quality typographical equipment.

No specialized equipment required

You no longer need specialized scanners, paper, and other “hardware” solutions. Advanced image analysis and artificial intelligence techniques made it possible to use a regular pen and paper, common office copier, or even a smartphone camera instead of dedicated devices, without affecting recognition accuracy and confidence in the result. Our API allows for building purely software OMR solutions that compete on par with traditional hardware-based systems at a much lower cost.

Aspose.OMR Cloud is an on-demand service that runs in a high-performance cloud. As such, it has no special hardware or operating system requirements - you can use it even on entry-level systems and mobile devices without loss of accuracy and performance.

Unlimited possibilities with Aspose Cloud solutions

An account in Aspose Cloud grants you access to the full range of our cloud APIs. You can read write-in fields with OCR, build document and presentations from aggregated recognition results, analyze survey data with pivot tables. All tasks are performed in the same way, which significantly speeds up development, reduces learning and maintenance costs, even for the most advanced business solution.