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Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for Android

Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for Android


Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for Android is built as a layer on the top of Aspose.PDF Cloud REST API, allowing a higher level of abstraction so that you don't need to know the REST API to create, edit and convert PDF files in the Cloud. SDK allows you to create PDF documents from a number of other file formats including PCL, HTML, XML and images. Moreover, you can convert PDF documents to various other formats including HTML, XPS, DOC, JPEG, TIFF, TXT and so on.

Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for Android helps you manipulate elements of a PDF document like Text, Annotations, Watermarks, Signatures, Bookmarks, Stamps Form Fields and so on. The SDK allows you to manage Images, Hyperlinks and Attachments, as well as facilities in common operations such as manipulation of PDF document Properties, Splitting, Merging & Signing of PDF documents.


Advanced PDF documents processing Features



Merge multiple PDF documents


Create PDF documents from scratch


Split PDF document into individual documents


Transform PDF documents to different formats


Convert images to PDF


Convert HTML pages to PDF documents


Convert PDF to Excel spreadsheet


Convert SVG files to PDF documents


Digitally Sign PDF files


Extract & update Text & Images inside PDF documents


Extract Attachments from document


Add Text, Image, PDF page or page number as Stamp


Get all or specific Link from PDF


Extract Annotations, Signatures, Bookmarks, Form Fields


Add or update Form Fields


Move PDF pages within one PDF file


Count number of words on each page of a PDF


Convert PDF to image formats


Add and update screen & stamp annotations


Read all screen & stamp annotations from whole document or from a particular page


Support to flatten annotations

PDF to Image conversion

Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for Android offers the capabilities to quickly and reliably create new PDF files, edit and manipulate existing PDF files or convert to and from various supported document formats with a high degree of precision. Some of the salient features of this SDK include the conversion of image to PDF or conversion of PDF to different formats like DOC, XPS, TIFF, PDF/A, PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b. You also get the ability to convert PDF pages to images like PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and much more.

Manipulate Bookmark objects

Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for Android helps you work with Bookmark objects present inside the document. Either you get hold of specific Bookmark object, or you can extract the information for all the Bookmarks present in the document. You can also quickly get count of available Bookmarks and along with Parent bookmarks, you can also get Child bookmark objects.

Get all Bookmarks from a PDF - Android

File input = Utils.stream2file("Bookmark","pdf", context.getResources().openRawResource(R.raw.Sample_Bookmark));
// Instantiate API instance
PdfApi pdfApi = new PdfApi(Configuration.apiKey, Configuration.appSID, true);
// Upload source file to Aspose cloud storage
storageApi.PutCreate("Sample-Bookmark.pdf", "", "", input);
// Invoke Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for Android to get all bookmarks from PDF
BookmarksResponse apiResponse = pdfApi.GetDocumentBookmarks("Sample-Bookmark.pdf", "", "");
if (apiResponse != null && apiResponse.getStatus().equals("OK"))
    Bookmarks bookmarks = apiResponse.getBookmarks();
    System.out.println("All Bookmarks retrieved from a PDF");

Split & Merge PDF Documents

Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for Android allows you to Split all or specific pages of a PDF to a new PDF or you can also merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF document.

Add, Delete and Move Page objects

Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for Android is wonderful when it comes to manipulate Page objects. It provides the capabilities to Add new pages in PDF file, Delete Pages from PDF file, Move pages to new location in document or Get PDF page count information. You can also Convert PDF page to Image format with default size or Convert a PDF page to Image format with specified dimensions.

Another exciting feature is to Get word count from PDF document.

Manipulate Textual Contents

Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for Android provides you all the features you need to handle text in a PDF file. Most useful operation include find and replace text, remove or extract text from PDF and replace text using a regular expression and so on.


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