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Build Ruby Apps to manage files & folders in the cloud via 3rd Party Cloud Storage Management SDK that supports various Cloud Platforms.

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Ruby SDK for Cloud Storage

Aspose.Storage Cloud SDK for Ruby


Get Started with Cloud Storage SDK

No Additional software download/install required, as its easy to get started using Aspose.Storage Cloud SDK for Ruby. The SDK is developed on top of Cloud REST API to perform different Storage related operations in Ruby applications. It offers many storage related features including support for default Aspose storage and integration with 3rd party storage services. The API supports HTTP requests and receives a response in the form of JSON or XML data. Therefore any platform which supports the HTTP requests and responses is capable of using this SDK.

The Cloud storage SDK facilitates the users to speed up the development of applications, as it takes care of low-level details for making requests and handling responses. Hence it enables the users to put more focus towards writing code specific to their particular project. To cut short, it's easier for developers to integrate their Ruby applications with our cloud storage SDK.

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Advanced features of Aspose.Storage Cloud SDK for Ruby



Support for default Aspose storage


Support for 3rd party storage services


Folder related operations support


Support for Files manipulation


Disc usage


SDK usage statistics and server Logs

API Explorer

Aspose.Storage Cloud SDK for Ruby can easily be used in your applications and since its developed on top of Cloud Storage API, so Aspose.Storage Cloud API Reference lets you try out SDK Usage right away in your browser. It allows you to effortlessly interact and try out every single operation our APIs exposes.

Files management in Cloud Storage

When using Aspose.Storage Cloud SDK for Ruby, you can perform a number of files management related operations. Given below is the list of operations currently supported by cloud SDK:

  • Upload a file
  • Download particular file
  • Move a file to another location
  • Delete particular file
  • Check presence of a file

Folders related operations

Aspose.Storage Cloud SDK for Ruby also provides the capabilities to perform operations related to folders in Cloud storage. Given below are some of the features currently supported for folders in Cloud storage. Please note that these operations can be performed on Aspose Cloud storage or on supported third-party storage services.

  • Create a New Folder
  • Delete Particular folder

Get Disc Usage details and Server Logs

When using Cloud storage for various file management purposes, you may have a requirement to keep track of disk space consumed, so that you can plan your work accordingly. With few lines of code, the SDK provides the capabilities to get information regarding the Cloud storage utilized.

Apart from disk usage details, the SDK allows you to get API usage statistics and server logs for any period of time. The period may include the current month or previous month. The returned information is in XLSX format that you may save for auditing purposes.

Get Disk Usage from Third Party Storage - Ruby

AsposeStorageCloud.configure do |config|
    config.api_key['api_key'] = 'da77c9f5da014d91faf296ec2de66'
    config.api_key['app_sid'] = 'B01A15E5-1B83-4B9A-0F2BFA6AC766'
@storage_api = StorageApi.new

def get_disc_usage
    storage = 'MyDropboxStorage'
    request = GetDiscUsageRequest.new(storage)

result = @storage_api.get_disc_usage(request)

Support and Learning Resources


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