Python Cloud SDK to manipulate MS Project & Oracle Primavera files

Open, edit, and convert MS Project and Oracle Primavera projects in your applications using Platform Independent Python Cloud SDK.

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Aspose.Tasks Cloud SDK for Python

Aspose.Tasks Cloud Python SDK


Aspose.Tasks Cloud Python SDK provides software developers the capability to build cloud-based Python applications that allow end-users to create and manipulate Microsoft Project and Primavera files, convert them to other supported file formats with a couple of lines of code inside their own applications without installing any 3rd party software. Aspose.Tasks Cloud Python SDK provide complete support for Microsoft Project (MPT, MPP, MPX) and Primavera P6 (XER, XML) file formats conversion to numerous file formats such as HTML, PDF, XPS, TXT, CSV, XLSX, SVG, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP.

The SDK fully supports several important project management projects, such as adding or removing tasks from a project, task position moment among various parent tasks or within the same parent, allocate or eliminate assignments from the projects, allot or remove project resources, calendar addition to a project, recalculate project resources and completion status, getting VBA project or time-phased data of a project and many more.


Advanced features of Project Management SDK



Allocate Assignments to a project


Get required project assignment based on its UID


Project assignment removal with all references to it


Get a project's extended attributes


Import project from Primavera DB formats


Import project from database with specified connection string


Get project's outline codes by index


Get a project document in a specified format and save options


Get collection of project document properties or specific property by name


Create and set project document properties


Reschedule all project Task IDs, start/finish dates, calculate slacks and other settings


Delete a project task with all it references and rebuild task tree


Get time-scaled data or recurring info for a specific task by its UID


Move project task from one parent task to another


Change position of project task under parent task


Get UIDs of all projects contained in the file


Recalculate project work for completion or incompletion


Perform risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation and create a report


Add, modify, remove project task link


Get all task links of a project


Manage project's Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Get Started with Document Processing SDK

It is easy to get started with Aspose.Tasks Cloud Python SDK as there is nothing to install. Simply create an account at Aspose for Cloud and get your application information. Once you have the App SID & key, you are ready to give the Aspose.Tasks Cloud Python SDK a try on any supported platform. It offers the capabilities to read Microsoft Project files from within an application, without the need of installing Microsoft Project. The SDK also provides the facility to retrieve document properties with well-structured API calls.

Read, Add, Edit & Delete Project Calendars

Aspose.Tasks Cloud Python SDK allows software programmers to work with project calendar information via REST API inside their own Python applications. You can easily add a new calendar as well as modify an existing one or delete a calendar from the Project. You can also retrieve a project's calendar Information of specified UID as well as can get the collection of workweeks of the specified calendar inside a Python application.

Work with Project Tasks via Python

Aspose.Tasks Cloud Python SDK enables computer professionals to handle project Tasks inside their Python apps. The SDK supports adding a new task to a Project or modify a Task of specified UID or delete a Task from Project. Moreover, you can also retrieve all tasks of a Project as well as get a Project task of a Specified UID or recurring Information for the task. It also facilities you to move a Task to another parent Task as well as move a Task to another position under the same parent and the same Outline Level.

Convert Project Document to Other Formats via Python

Aspose.Tasks Cloud Python SDK allows software programmers to convert Project document to Other supported Formats. The API supports conversion to several important file formats such as PDF, MPP, XML, MPT, MPX, XLSX, HTML, TXT, TIFF, SVG, PNG, JPEG, XER, BMP, XPS, SpreadsheetML and many more. The SDK also supports conversion of Project document to other formats with the specified Save Options. The SaveOptions parameter of POST format endpoint for 'PDF', 'HTML' and image formats supports "ReduceFooterGap" field. The API returns stream response with project file in the specified format.

Manage Project Task Links

Aspose.Tasks Cloud Python SDK enables software developers to manage your task links with easy inside their applications. The SDK supports features like retrieving task links information from a Project document, adding a task link to project or deleting a Task link.


Support and Learning Resources


Aspose.Tasks also offer, MPP files processing SDKs for other popular languages, as listed below: