cURL Commands to Manipulate and Convert Video files on any Platform

cURL Commands for video processing in the cloud by appending, trimming, extracting, converting, watermarking & adding audio to video files.

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Aspose.Video Cloud for cURL

Aspose.VideoCloud for cURL


Get started with Video Editing

Aspose.Video Cloud for cURL allows you to edit video file properties such as FPS, aspect ratio and resolution. Besides files manipulation, it also enables you to convert the video to different supported formats and also re-encode it with the different video codecs. It also provides you the leverage to combine several video files into one single video, as well as adjust various properties such as:

  • Volume level
  • FPS
  • PTS
  • Resolution
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Bitrate
  • Video Standard (PAL, NTSC, FILM)

It is easy to get started with Aspose.Video Cloud for cURL, as there is nothing to install. Simply create an account at Aspose for Cloud and get your application information. Once you have the App SID & key, you are ready to give the Aspose.Video Cloud for cURL a try with any language - on any platform.


Advanced Video Processing Features



Re-encoding with different video codec


Combining several video files into one video


High accuracy rate


Inter conversion to various video formats


Adjust Video Properties


Add image watermark


Add Text watermark


Extract thumbnail image


Get video information

Interconversion between video formats

Aspose.Video Cloud for cURL provides method for converting the video into different formats and during conversion, we can adjust video properties such as FPS, resolution, volume level etc. The similar method also supports the feature to add watermark (Text or Image) to the video file. The frameSize property in request provides the capabilities to update/adjust the resolution of video file.

Add Audio to Video file

The feature to Add audio track to the video file enables you to add an additional audio track and while playing video, the user can switch between these Audio tracks. These files can be in different format or you can use different codecs and the resultant file format will depend upon the extension provided for the resultant file. You can also set different time options for the audio track such as starting position, end position and offset. These options determine the time-frame in video from which the new audio will start playing and you can also specify the point until which it will be played.

Append Videos

Get the feature to Append one video file to another video file. The files can be in different format or they can use different codecs but the resultant file will depend upon the extension specified for resultant file (i.e. AVI, MP4, M4V etc). Now concerning to the encoding of resultant file, you can set any supported codec (i.e. x265, x264, WMV etc) or you can leave it default value.

Extract Video clip

Aspose.Video Cloud for cURL also offers the feature to Extract a part of video from input file and save it as a new video file. While extracting the video, you need to specify the time position in milliseconds from which the extracted part will begin and also the duration in milliseconds for the extracted part (how much milliseconds should be extracted).


Support and Learning Resources


Aspose.Video also offers, Video files processing SDKs for other popular languages, as listed below: