Process Video Files using .NET Cloud SDK

C# .NET Cloud SDK for video processing & manipulation in your .NET Apps to add audio, extract, trim, watermark & convert video files.

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Aspose.Video Cloud SDK for .NET

Aspose.VideoCloud SDK for .NET


Aspose.Video Cloud SDK for .NET helps you develop cloud-based video processing and manipulation applications in .NET. Our Video Cloud SDK is built as a wrapper for Aspose.Video REST API and enables you to perform video related operations in the cloud. These operations include, applying image or text watermark to videos, modify video resolution, converting avi videos to mp4 format, applying codec to encode video files, decrease video speed, adjusting aspect ratio, frames per second (FPS) and bit rate of video files and much more. Using Aspose.Video Cloud SDK for .NET, you can extract specific portion of a video, join or append more than one video, add more than one audio track to video files via Cloud SDK.


Advanced Cloud Video Processing SDK Features



Convert video from avi to mp4 format


Add text watermark into the video


Add image watermark into the video


Change video resolution


Encode the video with different codec


Increase or Decrease video playback speed


Adjust video aspect ratio, bit rate and FPS


Drop volume level to 50% of the current volume


Extract part of the video file and save it as new video


Extract part of a video and save it as thumbnail image


Retrieve all or specific properties of a video file


Upload video file from web to the cloud storage

Append or Join Multiple Videos

Aspose.Video Cloud SDK for .NET allows you to append multiple video files together. The video files that you want to join with each other do not need to be of same file format or necessarily have same codec. Using Aspose.Video Cloud SDK for .NET you can join or append video files which have different file formats and are of different codec. In such cases, the resultant file format will depend on the file extension of the final video output. Furthermore, Aspose.Video Cloud SDK for .NET enables you to set the encoding of the resultant file to any of the supported codec or you can even leave the encoding as default. Both video files should be of same resolution.

Add Multiple Audio Tracks to Videos

Aspose.Video Cloud SDK for .NET lets you add multiple audio tracks to a video file. This allows the user to switch between these audio tracks. The tracks don’t need to be of same format of codec. The format of the final output file will depend on the extension of the resultant file. Using Aspose.Video Cloud SDK for .NET, you can apply various settings to the audio tracks for time synchronization. These settings include, starting position, ending position, and offset. These settings determine the time at which the audio track will start and end during the video playback.


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