Convert XLS to JPG

C# library for converting XLS to JPG

Use the Conversion API of of Cells Cloud to create customized spreadsheet workflows in Net projects. This is a professional solution to convert XLS to JPG and other document formats online using C#.

Convert XLS to JPG using Cells Cloud SDK for C#


Converting file formats from XLS to JPG can be a complex task. Our C# SDK handles all XLS to JPG format conversions while preserving the main structural and logical content of the source XLS spreadsheet. Our C# library provides a professional solution for converting XLS to JPG files online. This Cloud SDK empowers C# developers with powerful functionality and ensures high-quality JPG output.

C# Code Example for converting XLS to JPG using Cells Cloud SDK

    // For complete examples and data files, please go to
    string name = "Book1.xls";
    string format = "jpg";
    string password = null;
    string outPath = null;
    string storageName = null;
    string destFile = "Book1.jpg";
    CellsApi cellsApi = new CellsApi(Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("ProductClientId"), Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("ProductClientSecret"));
    using (Stream stream = cellsApi.CellsWorkbookPutConvertWorkbook(File.OpenRead(name), format, password, outPath, storageName))
        using (Stream outStream = File.OpenWrite(destFile))

How to convert XLS to JPG using the Cells Cloud Net library.

  1. Register an account at Dashboard to get free API quota & authorization details
  2. Install C# library and add the reference (import the library) to your project.
  3. Open the source file in C#
  4. Use the `PutConvertWorkbook` method to retrieve the resulting stream.

System Requirements

  1. NET Framework 4.5.2 or newer
  2. Net Standard 2.0 or newer