Convert XLS to XLSX

Ruby library for converting XLS to XLSX

Use the Conversion API of of Cells Cloud to create customized spreadsheet workflows in Ruby projects. This is a professional solution to convert XLS to XLSX and other document formats online using Ruby.

Convert XLS to XLSX using Cells Cloud SDK for Ruby


Converting file formats from XLS to XLSX can be a complex task. Our Ruby SDK handles all XLS to XLSX format conversions while preserving the main structural and logical content of the source XLS spreadsheet. Our Ruby library provides a professional solution for converting XLS to XLSX files online. This Cloud SDK empowers Ruby developers with powerful functionality and ensures high-quality XLSX output.

Ruby Code Example for converting XLS to XLSX using Cells Cloud SDK

# For complete examples and data files, please go to
    describe 'cells_save_as_post_document_save_as test' do
        it "should work" do
            @instance =$client_id,$client_secret,"v3.0","")
            name = "BOOK1.xls"
            format = 'xlsx'
            @instance.cells_workbook_put_convert_workbook("data/"+name),"r")  {|io| },{:format=>format})     

How to convert XLS to XLSX using the Cells Cloud Ruby library.

  1. Register an account at Dashboard to get free API quota & authorization details
  2. Install Ruby library and add the reference (import the library) to your project.
  3. Open the source file in Ruby.
  4. Use the `put_convert_workbook` method to retrieve the resulting stream.

System Requirements

  1. ruby 2.5 or newer