Aspose.OCR  Cloud SDK for Java

Lightweight OCR solutions for Java

Call Aspose.OCR Cloud from Java with this open source SDK to build applications that can read text from images and scanned PDFs on any platform with minimal system requirements.

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Aspose.OCR Cloud is a fast and reliable REST API for optical character recognition. With it, you can add optical character recognition to your applications without worrying about system requirements - all resource-intensive tasks are performed by high-performance servers maintained by Aspose. Our API supports European, Cyrillic and Chinese languages and can recognize scanned images, smartphone photos, screenshots, areas of images, and scanned PDFs, returning results in the most popular document and data exchange formats, including JSON.

This SDK greatly simplifies the integration of Aspose.OCR Cloud services into your Java applications. It wraps all the routine operations such as establishing connections, sending API requests, and parsing responses into a few readable and maintainable methods, allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand rather than the technical details.

The Java SDK is completely open source without any restrictions or limitations. You can use it along with demo applications for any projects, including commercial applications, and modify any part of the code as needed.

Features and capabilities of Aspose.OCR Cloud

Extracts text from scanned images and PDFs

Supports raster and vector images

Reads languages based on Latin, Cyrillic, Hindi, Arabic, and other alphabets

Recognizes more than 6,000 Chinese characters

Processes tables and receipts

Processes the whole image or specific areas only

Automatically corrects rotated, skewed and noisy images

Finds and automatically corrects misspelled words

Requires minimal resources on the end user devices

45 Recognition Languages

Our cloud API can recognize a large number of languages written in different scripts.

  • Extended Latin alphabet: Azerbaijani, Albanian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Javanese, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Uzbek, and Vietnamese.
  • Cyrillic alphabet: Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian.
  • Middle Eastern scripts: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian (Farsi), Urdu.
  • Indic scripts: Bengali, Hindi.
  • Far East scripts: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Tibetan.
  • Other European alphabets: Georgian, Greek.

Read photos and low-quality scans

Our API has powerful built-in image pre-processing filters that can correct rotated and skewed images, and automatically remove dirt, spots, scratches, glare, unwanted gradients, and other image defects. In combination with support for all image formats, it allows for reliable recognition of even smartphone photos. Most of the pre-processing and image correction is done automatically, so you will only have to intervene in difficult cases.

Recognize and convert

The API can read literally any image you can get from a scanner, camera or smartphone: PDF documents, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP images. Multi-page PDF documents and TIFF files are fully supported.

Recognition results are returned in the most popular document and data exchange formats: plain text, PDF, Microsoft Excel, CSV, and hOCR.

Minimal System Requirements

Aspose.OCR Cloud is an on-demand optical character recognition service. As such, it has no special hardware or operating system requirements - you can use it even on entry-level systems and mobile devices without loss of accuracy and performance.

We use highly reliable and high performance GPU-based Amazon servers to host our OCR engine, ensuring the fastest possible speed regardless of the number of requests.

Spell Check

While the OCR produces reliable results, dust and print defects might cause some symbols to be recognized incorrectly. Cloud OCR API has a built-in spell checker that automatically replaces misspelled words and frees you from having to manually correct the recognition results.

Create searchable PDFs

Convert a scanned PDF file to a searchable PDF document, which can be easily navigated and indexed. Text in searchable PDF documents can be selected, copied, and marked up.

Recognize images from the Internet

There is no need to upload images and PDF documents to the cloud storage for recognition. Just send the image web link to Cloud OCR and get the text.

Unlimited possibilities with Aspose Cloud solutions

An account in Aspose Cloud grants you access to the full range of our cloud APIs. You can combine image recognition with OMR, easily modify and convert recognized documents to almost any format, analyze and combine data from multiple sources. All tasks are performed in the same way, which significantly speeds up development, reduces learning and maintenance costs, even for the most advanced business solution.


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