Perform OMR on Images using Python Cloud SDK

Integrate Optical Mark Recognition capability in your Python Apps via Cloud SDK that recognizes & grades data from scanned images & PDF.

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Aspose.OMR Cloud SDK for Python

Aspose.OMR Cloud SDK for Python


Aspose.OMR Cloud SDK for Python provides optical mark recognition in the cloud. It supports recognizing most commonly used question type markers such as Check Boxes & Grid from image formats including JPEG, TIFF & GIF. Just pass specific image filename & its corresponding template to Aspose.OMR Cloud SDK for Python, and it will return response in JSON format.


Advanced OMR REST API Features



Supports most commonly used image formats


Supports common markers such as Check Boxes & Grid


Export OMR results in CSV format


High accuracy rate


UTF-8 Encoding Support


Add or delete OMR elements from template


Process rotated images


Template Generation from Textual markup


Barcodes and QR-codes recognition


Capture human-marked data from PDF documents


Barcodes and QR-codes in template generation


Grade OMR answers based on rules

Quickly Get Started with Optical Mark Recognition REST API

It is easy to get started with Aspose.OMR Cloud SDK for Python because there is nothing to install. Simply create an account at Aspose for Cloud and get your application information. Once you have acquired the app key & SID, you are ready to use the Aspose.OMR Cloud SDK for Python with any language, on any platform.

Python Demo Application for Learning

Aspose.OMR Cloud SDK for Python comes with a Python demo application, which is provided for demonstration and as a jump start for the developers. The application allows you to create template markup & save it for later processing or manipulate existing templates. You can also perform basic OMR recognition tasks, and learn how to work with Aspose.OMR Cloud SDK for Python in the process. 

Recognize Marks from Scans or Photos

Aspose.OMR Cloud SDK for Python is equally good for scanned documents as well as photos of the documents because it can process rotated and perspective corrupted images with high accuracy.

Easy Template Generation

Aspose template generation API allows you to generate surveys and test sheets through simple text markup. Just prepare the survey text and you have a template ready to work with. Alternatively, you can write a header text, specify the number of questions and answers and get your personal test sheet.

Export Results in CSV Format

Along with JSON based responses, Aspose.OMR Cloud SDK for Python also offers to export the results in CSV format. Using the SDK for Python, you can configure the API to export the results in a CSV file while saving it in your downloads folder.

Use any Third Party Storage

Aspose.OMR Cloud SDK for Python can be used with many third party storages including Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Google Drive and Dropbox.


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