Compare two Word using Dart

Highly accurate Dart diff checker to compare Word files and find differences between them

Our powerful Dart SDK allows you to find the difference between Word documents and save the results to a convenient format for viewing. To verify our product capabilities, compare Word files using this Dart library and see the differences.

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Compare Word in Dart

Our Dart/Flutter SDK is designed to give you the most accurate result, even though comparison is a complex function itself.

Sometimes you need to be sure that the document in the Word format has not been changed, and if it has, you need to find out what the difference is. Just use our Dart/Flutter diff tool to compare two Word files and find differences in whole words or single characters. Moreover, if only one character in a word has changed, this word will be marked as changed entirely.

Now you no longer need to spend time manually comparing Word documents, and you can quickly find even small changes and export such diffs to a document in a convenient format.

Try to compare Word documents

Check out how our solution to compare Word files using Dart/Flutter SDK works. To achieve this, load the Word files you want to compare and select the export file format – it will be automatically loaded after comparing.

Note that you need to accept all revisions in compared documents before calling the comparison method, as shown in our example:

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import 'package:aspose_words_cloud/aspose_words_cloud.dart';

final config = Configuration("####-####-####-####-####", "##################");
final wordsApi = WordsApi(config);

final fileName1 = 'Input1.docx';
final fileName2 = 'Input2.docx';
final fileResult = 'Output.docx';

//  Upload documents to cloud storage.
final firstDocumentContent = (await File(fileName1).readAsBytes()).buffer.asByteData();
final uploadFirstFileRequest = UploadFileRequest(firstDocumentContent, fileName1);
await wordsApi.uploadFile(uploadFirstFileRequest);

final secondDocumentContent = (await File(fileName2).readAsBytes()).buffer.asByteData();
final uploadSecondFileRequest = UploadFileRequest(secondDocumentContent, fileName2);
await wordsApi.uploadFile(uploadSecondFileRequest);

//  Compare documents in cloud.
final compareDataOptions = CompareData(); = 'author';
compareDataOptions.comparingWithDocument = fileName2;
final compareDocumentRequest = 
    CompareDocumentRequest(fileName1, compareDataOptions, destFileName: fileResult);
await wordsApi.compareDocument(compareDocumentRequest);

//  Download result document from cloud storage.
final downloadFileRequest = DownloadFileRequest(fileResult);
final downloadFileResult = await wordsApi.downloadFile(downloadFileRequest);
await File('compareResult.pdf').writeAsBytes(
	downloadFileResult.offsetInBytes, downloadFileResult.lengthInBytes)
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How to Compare two text files

  1. Install Aspose.Words Cloud for Dart/Flutter
  2. Add a library reference (import the library) to your Dart project
  3. Load two Word documents to compare
  4. Call the compareDocument() method to compare Word docs
  5. Download the result document from the cloud storage

Dart library to use compare

Clone Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Dart source code from GitHub and use it in your project. Add this dependency to your pubspec.yaml: dependencies: aspose_words_cloud: 22.4.0

Please follow these Instructions to quickly get the necessary security credentials and access our REST API.

System Requirements

Refer to the Repository Documentation to see the details.

Other supported file formats

You can perform compare operation for other file formats:


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