Ruby API to convert text to PNG

Ruby library to convert text to PNG

Use text Conversion REST API to create customized document workflows in Ruby. This is a professional solution to convert text to PNG and other document formats online using Ruby.

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Convert a text document to PNG image using Ruby REST API

Convert a text file to PNG image in Ruby. This Ruby library is designed to convert text files to a wide variety of file formats using REST API.

The API for text to Image Conversion allows Ruby developers to easily convert text documents to PNG images and take advantage of both textual and graphical file formats.

Convert a text document to PNG image in Ruby

Converting document formats from text to PNG is a complex task. All text to PNG format transitions are performed by our Ruby SDK, while maintaining the main structural and logical content of the source text document.

Our Ruby library is a professional solution to convert text, PNG files online. This Cloud SDK gives Ruby developers powerful functionality and perfect quality PNG output.

The following Ruby example of using the Conversion API will get you started quickly.

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require 'aspose_words_cloud'

AsposeWordsCloud.configure do |config|
  config.client_data['ClientId'] = '####-####-####-####-####'
  config.client_data['ClientSecret'] = '##################'
@words_api =

doc ='Input.txt')
request = doc, format: 'png', zip_output: true)
split = @words_api.split_document_online(request)
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How to convert text to PNG Ruby REST API

  1. Install Ruby library and add the reference (import the library) to your project.
  2. Open the source text file in Ruby.
  3. Call the convert_document() method, passing the text file and the PNG option.
  4. Save the result of conversion as PNG file.

Ruby library to convert TXT to PNG

Install Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Ruby using RubyGems hosting service. Run gem install aspose_words_cloud to install the package. As an alternative, you can manually clone Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Ruby source code from GitHub and use it in your project. Please follow these Instructions to quickly get the necessary security credentials and access our REST API.

System Requirements

Ruby 2.6 or newer

Refer to the Repository Documentation to see the details.

Other supported text conversions

You can convert text to many other file formats:


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