3D Modeling & Processing in Cloud using cURL

Use cURL commands to create & process 3D models, objects and entities (Box, Cylinder, Sphere, Torus, Plane) in the cloud.

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Aspose.3D Cloud for cURL

Aspose.3DCloud for cURL


Aspose.3D Cloud for cURL helps you create 3D objects and models and perform 3D processing in the cloud using cURL commands. You can create various types of 3D entities, such as 3D box, 3D cylinder, 3D sphere, torus, and 3D plane using cURL. Extract 3D contents from an Adobe Acrobat 3D PDF file.

Aspose.3D Cloud for cURL enables you to work with triangulate meshes and allows you to triangulate the whole file or triangulate only part of the 3D scene (specified by OAP) and save it to a different file. You can also enhance your cURL code to load external dependencies of 3D files. Transformation, translation, scaling, and rotation of 3D objects via cURL is also supported.

With assistance from Aspose.3D Cloud for cURL, you can convert the file format of a 3D image located on a cloud server. Your cURL programs will be able to perform cloud folder management operations to store and manage your 3D files in the cloud.


Advanced 3D Cloud cURL Features



Convert whole or a part of the 3D file to another format


Perform 3D modeling & data processing


Perform parametric modeling


Create 3D entities (Box, Cylinder, Sphere, Torus, Plane)


Delete the 3D object from a scene


Delete nodes with attached camera or light


Address nodes by object addressing path


Extract 3D contents from a PDF file


Extract raw data from a password-protected 3D PDF


Extract scenes and export to different formats


Work with triangulate meshes


Triangulate whole file or part of the scene


Cloud-based 3D file conversion


Create a cloud folder structure


Transform, translate, rotate & scale 3D objects

Ease of Use with Cloud cURL Commands

It is easy to get started with Aspose.3D Cloud for cURL as you need nothing to install. Simply create an account at Aspose for Cloud and get your application information. Once you have the App SID & key, you are ready to give the Aspose.3D Cloud for cURL a try on any platform.

Process various 3D Models & Attributes

Aspose.3D Cloud for cURL enables your cURL programs to process 3D models and their related attributes in the cloud with ease. While working with 3D Box objects in the cloud, your cURL code can process 3D box length, 3D box width, 3D box name, 3D box length, width, and height segments.

Similarly, our 3D cURL cloud manipulation solution enables you to process various attributes of 3D cylinders, such as, radius of top and bottom cap, height of 3D cylinder, radial and height segments of 3D cylinder, theta start and length of 3D cylinder as well as set if the 3D cylinder is open-ended or not.

3D Plane can be processed by manipulating its length, width, segment length, and segment wdth.

3D Sphere processing and manipulation via cURL are also supported. You can do so using Aspose.3D Cloud for cURL by working with height and width segments of a 3D sphere, phi start and length, theta start and length, as well as the radius of the 3D sphere.

Processing of Torus using cURL is also quite easy with assistance from Aspose.3D Cloud for cURL. You can edit settings of torus radius, tube radius, tubular segment, radial segment and the arc of the torus.

Support and Learning Resources


Aspose.3D offers 3D files processing SDKs for other popular languages, as listed below: