Aspose.Cells  SDK for Android

Build Spreadsheet Processing Android Apps via REST API

Android REST SDK to create cloud-based Excel & OpenOffice spreadsheets, merge, split, view, encrypt & convert apps.

Get Started

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Android assists you in developing Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX, XLSB, XLSM, XLT, XLTX, XLTM) and OpenOffice (ODS) Spreadsheet processing applications for Android devices. Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Android is offered under an MIT license and is based on Aspose.Cells REST API.

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Android enables your Android code to access cloud spreadsheet documents and manipulate workbooks, worksheets, individual cells, rows and columns. Your Android program will be able to extract barcodes from worksheet pictures, apply auto-filters (date filter, icon filter, dynamic filter), access charts, apply conditional formatting, and programmatically configure spreadsheet page setup.

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Android allows you to work with OleObjects, ListObjects, pivot tables, ranges, shapes, and tasks within Excel and ODS worksheets, without installing any third-party software.

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Android can also assist you in creating spreadsheet converter apps for Android-based mobile devices, as it allows to convert Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, SpreadsheetML, CSV, TSV, TXT (TabDelimited), HTML, MHTML, SXC, FODS to other supported formats, such as, PDF, XPS, TIFF, SVG, DIF and MD (Markdown).

Advance Spreadsheet manipulation Features

Add filters with custom criteria for lists

Support for multiple types of list filters

Get information regarding Chart Area border or fill format

Add, update, and delete charts in worksheet

Get, update, show or hide chart legend

Get, update, chart title and set its visibility

Add or remove a cell area for conditional formatting

Add, update, and delete worksheet hyperlinks

Add a ListObject at specified place in the Excel file

Delete specific or all ListObjects in a worksheet

Convert ListObject or table to a range of cells

Summarize data of large ListObject or Table with Pivot Table

Add OleObjects to Excel worksheet

Delete specific or all OleObjects from worksheet

Insert or delete, horizontal or vertical page breaks

Manipulate page setup, header & footer

Add, update, fetch or delete worksheet pictures

Create, update, fetch or delete document properties

Fetch the required shape from worksheet

Add, update or delete shapes from a worksheet

Add, update or delete validations for worksheets

Get Started with Excel Spreadsheet Processing SDK

In order to get started with Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Android, you do not need to install anything. All you need to do is create an account at Aspose for Cloud and get your application information. Once you have the App SID & key, you are ready to use Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Android on any platform which supports REST APIs. Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Android provides you all the features to create, edit, and convert spreadsheets. It also allows you to extract data from the spreadsheets for further processing or storage.

Processing Workbooks via Cloud SDK

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Android allows you to create, split, merge, search and replace text, password protection, export to supported file format, read workbook’s text items, auto-fit workbook rows while ignoring hidden elements, encrypt workbook password and provide encryption key length, import data to workbook, calculate all formulas in workbook, set formula calculation settings by providing precision strategy etc., use smart marker, convert workbook from request content to another format, apply password to allow content modification.

Cloud SDK to Process Worksheets

Using Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Android you can delete specific row or all rows in the worksheet, fetch worksheet cell data or cell style by cell’s name, read worksheet row or column data by its index, calculate cell formula, clear cell contents, copy cell into another cell, copy worksheet columns and rows, group worksheet rows and columns, hide worksheet rows and columns, set worksheet column and row styles, set HTMLSTRING value into cell, set cell range value and modify lot of other worksheet settings.

Leverage the power of Pivot Tables & Ranges

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Android allows you to add a pivot table into worksheet, add or delete pivot fields into pivot table, add or remove pivot filter for pivot table index, update cell style for pivot table, and calculate pivot table's data to cells.

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Android can also be used to get cells list in a range by range name or row column indexes, set column width of range, combine a range of cells into a single cell, move the current range to the destination range, sets outline border around a range of cells., set row height of range, set the style of the range, unmerges merged cells of this range, put a value into the range and convert its data type, and copy range in the worksheet.