Swiftly Process Excel Spreadsheets using Cloud SDK

Process & manipulate spreadsheets via Swift Cloud SDK to generate, modify, merge, conditionally format, convert, & add pivot tables.

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Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Swift

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Swift


Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Swift helps you create powerful spreadsheet manipulation and conversion applications in Swift programming language. This cloud SDK is a wrapper for our Swift REST API and makes it very easy and quick to integrate spreadsheet processing functionality into your existing or new Swift Apps.

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Swift makes your software applications, process business spreadsheets, workbooks, and worksheets via Swift Cloud SDK for generating, modifying, merging, applying conditional formatting, converting, & adding pivot tables along with manipulating many other feature elements.


Advanced features related to Excel Spreadsheet manipulation



Create spreadsheets from templates, XML or smart markers


Merge multiple spreadsheets


Split spreadsheets to single worksheet spreadsheets


Manipulate rows, columns, cells & data


Protect & unprotect workbooks & worksheets


Hide & show worksheets


Convert spreadsheets to different formats


Encrypt & de-crypt spreadsheets


Export worksheets to images


Extract charts, pictures, shapes & other objects as images


Add, Update, Delete OLE Objects


Autofit rows & columns


Dynamically create & manipulate Pivot Tables


Create conditional formatting rules


Create, manipulate & render charts


Set complex formula


Add & update text & images


Manipulate comments

Get Started with Spreadsheet Manipulation

No Software download or install required. It is easy to get started with Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Swift and all you need to do is create an account at Aspose for Cloud and get your application information. Once you have the App SID & key, you are ready to use Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Swift to create, edit, and convert spreadsheets, as it gives you complete control over spreadsheets and the data inside them. We can also extract data from the spreadsheets for further processing or storage. Furthermore, you may use it to work with individual cells in a spreadsheet, add comments, apply validation rules and manage hyperlinks & pictures. This SDK also enables you to manipulate all aspects of the spreadsheets including worksheets, rows, columns, cells, text, data, images, links, comments, charts and many more.

Once the processing has been performed, the resultant files can also be saved in PDF, PDF/A, XPS, HTML, MHTML, TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, EMF and SVG. When dealing with Office Open XML (OOXML), it is a container format for several specialized XML-based markup languages. OOXML SpreadsheetML documents mostly come as XLSX files, which are ZIP packages. In addition to XLSX format, Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Swift also offers extensive support for converting SpreadsheetML documents.

Efficient & Reliable Formula Calculation Engine

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Node.js gives you complete control over spreadsheets and the data inside them. The Excel cloud SDK helps you create formulas and make sophisticated calculations based on user input or external data sources. Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Swift has a powerful Formula Calculation Engine that supports almost all of the standard and advanced Microsoft Excel formulas and functions. You can read, set and calculate the results of the built-in, add-in, array & R1C1 reference style formulas.

Convert Spreadsheets to PDF, XPS & HTML Formats

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Swift is capable of converting spreadsheets to PDF, XPS & HTML formats while maintaining the highest visual fidelity. The conversion process is simple yet reliable with great precision, thus making Swift Cloud SDK a perfect choice for the organizations which require to exchange documents in any of the industry standard formats.

Render Spreadsheets as Images

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Swift supports rendering Excel spreadsheets, Charts, AutoShapes and OleObjects to most commonly used image formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG. The whole conversion is performed with accuracy and precision. Apart conversion to Image format, the SDK also offers the feature to print worksheets or render spreadsheets to PDF file format (PDF 1.5 or PDF/A-1b specifications). The conversion process is greatly flexible thus allowing you to choose a number of options for the conversion, such as re-sampling of images while converting spreadsheets to PDF or controlling the resultant image dimensions when rendering worksheets & charts to images.

Summarize Data using Pivot Tables

Getting summarized information from large spreadsheets may get difficult, but a Pivot Table can help you quickly summarize the flat data and to get the desired information according to your needs. Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Swift allows you to dynamically create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. You can also dynamically change the source data of a Pivot Table and refresh it. Moreover, Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Swift also offers Smart Markers which is a great feature to populate worksheets based on some data source and to create visually effective reports.


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