Create & Manipulate PowerPoint Presentations on any Platform

Build .NET applications for creating, manipulating & converting presentations to PDF, HTML, image & other formats via .NET Cloud SDK.

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Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for .NET

Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for .NET


Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for .NET allows .NET developers to build presentation manipulation applications for cloud. These cloud-based applications will be able to process Microsoft PowerPoint and OpenOffice presentations without installing any software. Our Slides Cloud SDK enables your .NET applications to work with whole presentation or individual slides, slide notes, slide comments and various other elements of any standard presentation. Using Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for .NET, you will be able to merge, split and convert slides as well as create presentation from HTML and export it to various supported formats. You can also search for specific text from presentation or specified slide and replace that text.


Advanced PowerPoint manipulation Features



Get presentation images in specified format


Add, update, remove, convert slide notes


Copy layout slide or master slide from source presentation


Merge multiple presentations specified in request parameter


Fetch information about slide placeholders


Set, fetch or remove presentation document properties


Create, update or convert slide to supported formats


Extract and replace text from specific slide or entire presentation


Fetch slide color or font theme information


Create presentation and export it to supported formats


Create presentation document from HTML


Split presentation into multiple ones

Get Started with PowerPoint Presentation Processing

It is easy to get started with Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for .NET as you need nothing to install. Simply create an account at Aspose for Cloud and get your application information. Once you have the App SID & key, you are ready to give the Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for .NET a try on any platform.

Presentation Slide Processing Features

Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for .NET allows the developers to perform basic to advanced presentation slide processing operations. You can read presentation slides information. Create new slides. Copy, modify or delete existing slides. Convert presentation slides from PowerPoint formats to other supported formats via Cloud SDK. You can also manipulate slide background by apply new background, read and remove existing background for any slide. Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for .NET enables you to reorder slide position within the presentation. You can also copy a slide from current or another presentation. Presentation slide comments can also be retrieved.

Processing Slide Shapes and Notes

Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for .NET allows developers to create new shapes for presentation slides. You can read and update properties information for existing slide shapes. Our presentation slides processing Cloud SDK enables you to render slides shapes to supported image formats. Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for .NET also helps you work with presentation slide notes.


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