Convert PPTM to HTML with Perl

Read, Edit & Export Slides data to other formats with open source Cloud SDK for Perl

PPTM to HTML Conversion with Perl

  1. Create an account at Dashboard to get free API quota & authorization details
  2. Initialize SlidesApi with Client Id and Client Secret
  3. Call one of the convert methods, depending where is your input PPTM file and where you want to store the resultant HTML file
    • convert to convert a local file and to download the result.
    • convert_and_save to convert a local file and save the result to the storage.
    • download_presentation to convert a file on storage and to download the result.
    • save_presentation to convert a file on storage and save the result to the storage.

Get Started with Slides API & Perl SDK

Get Slides Cloud SDK for Perl source code from GitHub to compile the SDK yourself or head to the Releases for alternative download options.

Also have a look at Swagger-based API Reference to know more about the SLIDES REST API.



  • How can I get started with Aspose.Slides REST APIs?
    Quickstart not only guides through the initialization of Aspose.Slides Cloud API, it also helps in installing the required libraries.
  • Where can I see the release notes for Aspose.Slides Cloud API?
    Complete release notes can be reviewed at Aspose.Slides Cloud Documentation.
  • Is it safe to convert PPTM to HTML in the Cloud?
    Of course! Aspose Cloud uses Amazon EC2 cloud servers that guarantee the security and resilience of the service. Please read more about Aspose's Security Practices.
  • What file formats are supported by Aspose.Slides Cloud API?
    Aspose.Slides Cloud can convert PPTM to PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM, POTX, POTM, ODP, OTP, PDF, XPS, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, SVG, SWF, HTML5, GIF, XAML, MPEG4 and more. Checkout the complete list of supported file formats.
  • I can not find the SDK for my favorite language. What should I do?
    Aspose.Slides Cloud is also available as a Docker Container. Try using it with cURL in case your required SDK is not available yet.
  • I do not have time to set up. Is there a quick demo for PPTM to HTML that I can try?
    Indeed! Checkout the PPTM to HTML Conversion App.