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Cloud SDKs to Manipulate Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio and more than 100 other file formats in any type of application.

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Aspose.Total for Cloud

Aspose.Total Cloud Product Family


Aspose.Total Cloud offers REST based SDKs providing the capabilities for document generation, conversion and automation platform. Use our award winning SDKs and perform all these operations in the cloud. It makes easier for the Web and Mobile application developers to work with Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Adobe PDFs, OpenDocument formats, Barcodes, OCR, Microsoft Visio Diagrams and Email formats & protocols in their apps. The SDKs can be called from any platform: .NET, Java, Ruby, Salesforce, and Amazon etc.

Aspose.Total Cloud includes following document manipulation SDKs:

Aspose.Words Cloud Product Family

Aspose.Words Cloud is a set of platform independent Word document manipulation SDKs, that can be used on any language that supports HTTP requests. You can use them on any platform to create, modify and convert Word documents in the cloud. It supports DOC, DOCX, OOXML, RTF, HTML, OpenDocument, PDF, XPS, EPUB and many other formats.

Aspose.PDF Cloud Product Family

Aspose.PDF Cloud provides platform independent - true REST based SDKs for creating, modifying, managing and converting PDF files over web, desktop, mobile and cloud platforms. Developers can easily read, write, convert and manipulate PDF documents in the cloud.


Aspose.Cells Cloud Product Family

Aspose.Cells Cloud offers platform independent - true REST based SDKs providing features for creating, modifying, managing and converting Excel spreadsheets over web, desktop, mobile and cloud platforms. They supports most commonly used spreadsheet formats including XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLTX, XLTM and ODS as well as CSV, Tab-delimited, PDF and HTML.

Aspose.Email Cloud Product Family

Aspose.Email Cloud allows developers to provide capabilities of email message processing in their applications. These are true REST based SDKs, which can be used with any language and on any platform. They easily support native Outlook message format such as MSG as well as EML & MHTML formats.


Aspose.Slides Cloud Product Family

Aspose.Slides Cloud offers unique PowerPoint management SDKs, which enable you to read, write, convert and manipulate PowerPoint documents in the cloud. These are true REST based SDKs, which can be used with any language and on any platform. It supports most popular presentation formats including PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM, POTX, POTM, ODP and many more.

Aspose.Imaging Cloud Product Family

Aspose.Imaging Cloud provides imaging SDKs, enabling the developers to manipulate & convert image in their applications. These are developed on top of REST APIs and can be used with any language and on any platform. The SDKs support reading & writing raster image formats including PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and JPEG. They can also load and save native Photoshop format - PSD.


Aspose.BarCode Cloud Product Family

Aspose.BarCode Cloud enables the developers to quickly and easily add barcode generation and recognition functionalities to their applications. These SDKs are developed on top of true REST APIs, therefore can be used with any language and on any platform. These SDKs currently support reading and writing most commonly used image formats including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, WMF and many more.

Aspose.Diagram Cloud Product Family

Create applications providing the capabilities to Create, Manipulate or Convert Microsoft Visio Diagrams. Platform independence and Cloud computing powers of Cloud SDKs enable you to use our SDKs on any platform, that is capable of calling REST APIs.


Aspose.Tasks Cloud Product Family

Aspose.Tasks Cloud Product family is a set of REST based SDKs providing the features for manipulating Microsoft Project files, as well as the project data including Tasks, Resources, Task links and Assignments in the cloud. These are developed on top of true REST APIs and therefore can be used with any language and on any platform.

Aspose.OCR Cloud Product Family

Aspose.OCR Cloud provides Optical Character Recognition SDKs that allow developers to add OCR functionality to their applications. These are true REST based SDKs can can be used with any language and on any platform. They support common image formats such as PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and JPEG to perform OCR operation.


Aspose.OMR Cloud Product Family

Aspose.OMR Cloud is a set of REST based SDKs, which empower the developers to easily add Optical Mark Recognition functionality to their applications. The SDKs allow reading human-marked data from scans or photos of document forms such as surveys & questionnaires, using a simple set of requests and responses delivered in JSON format.

Aspose.CAD Cloud Product Family

Aspose.CAD Cloud enables the developers to convert popular AutoCAD formats including (DWG, DXF etc) to PDF and Raster images. The SDK does does not require AutoCAD or any other software to be installed.


Aspose.HTML Cloud Product Family

Aspose.HTML Cloud Product family is a collection of SDKs developed on top of true REST APIs, enabling you to perform a wide range of file processing operations including creation, manipulation, conversion and rendering of HTML file in the cloud. They also support HTML conversion to fixed layout document formats such as PDF, XPS and raster image formats.

Aspose.Video Cloud Product Family

Aspose.Video Cloud offers a complete range of SDKs, developed on top of true REST APIs, and they enable you to edit video file properties such as FPS, aspect ratio and resolution. Besides files manipulation, they also enable you to convert the video files to different supported formats and also re-encode them with the different video codecs.


Aspose.3D Cloud Product Family

Aspose.3D Cloud helps you fetch 3D objects, models & entities stored on the cloud and perform various operations such as rotation, scaling, transformation, translation, and conversion from one 3D format to another.

 Advanced Features of Aspose.Total Cloud SDKs

Delivering our very best, and getting better with each release.


Convert documents to images


Perform mail merge


Convert Microsoft Office, Acrobat PDF, OpenDocument and many other formats


Add barcodes to Word documents


Generate reports using mail merge


Build dynamic Excel reports on the fly


High-fidelity rendering


Create documents from scratch


Transform XML to PDF


Convert images to PDF


Create slides


Configure Visio TimeLine shapes


Replace or extract text from PDF documents


Remove, replace or extract images from PDF


Get information about images in PDF documents


Generate barcode images


Recognize barcodes from images


Extract text from images

Conveniently Transform Files

Aspose Cloud SKDs enable you to equip your application with file format conversion & manipulation capabilities in an easy way so that you could perform file format processing without plunging yourself in the complexities of any format's underlying implementation.

It lets you perform a number of operations such saving quotes to the PDF documents or extracting data as spreadsheets, in order serve the contents in a format that best suits your users.

Create Images & Thumbnails

Images of documents, and images in documents, both features can be used for many different types of documents and applications. Creating the images manually could be a huge overhead but creating them automatically can not be too difficult. Aspose Cloud SKDs gives you several tools for creating and managing images.

Aspose Cloud SKDs includes features to create, extract & embed images. For instance, you can create images of document pages in order to use them as thumbnails or links on the web pages. You may also convert a page in any document - a spreadsheet, Word document, PDF or presentation - to an image and include that in another document.

Powerful Reporting, Document Assembly & Mail Merge

Companies keep data in a lot of different places, however, with Aspose Cloud SKDs, you can bring them all together in your web or mobile apps. Set up templates and merge data from external sources to create letters, reports or documents. Thanks to the wide variety of formats that we support, the final document can be saved in one or more formats as it suits your users.

Process a Multitude of File Formats

Aspose Cloud SKDs allows you to build an incredibly versatile file processing system capable of handling many popular file formats. You can easily create, modify & even inter-convert files . Aspose.Total Cloud will allow you to conveniently process the following file formats:

  • Microsoft Word documents
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Adobe PDF Documents
  • Microsoft Visio Diagrams
  • Commonly used image formats

Manage & Keep Track of Documents

Document management is crucial for all companies especially when it comes to track file and archive these generated documents. With Aspose Cloud SKDs, you have several options on how to manage documents:

  • Track documents with barcodes - encode document information and embedded in the document
  • Add watermarks to signal a document's status
  • Change headers or footers as a document reaches a particular point in a work flow
  • Insert text or images to signal a document's status

Language, Platform & Storage Independence

Aspose Cloud SKDs are platform independent & are developed on top of true REST based document manipulation APIs. These characteristics allow us to use them in any language: .NET, Java, PHP, Android, Python, Ruby, Rails, Node.js, Swift, jQuery and many more.

You can use them on any platform i.e. Web, Desktop, Mobile, and Cloud. The SDKs can also integrate with other cloud services to give you the flexibility you need when processing documents. You can also use Aspose.Total Cloud with many third party storage providers including Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Google Drive and DropBox.


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