Embed a Word Document in a Web Page or Blog

Embed a Word Document in a Web Page or Blog

If you want to embed a Word document (DOC, DOCX, RTF and other) onto your web page, this solution is for you. Aspose Words Cloud provides a lightweight Document Viewer control with cross-browser support, that allows fast rendering and presenting documents of almost any Word-based format, including OpenOffice document formats.

This Document Viewer control is inspired by the Word Viewer App, which is a powerful online tool from our Word Apps family, designed to preview and convert office document formats on the Web. For example, it allows converting Word to PDF, Word to HTML and others, whereas all data processing is done on our servers by the Words Cloud API.

How to Display a DOCX, DOC or RTF in a Browser

This type of office content needs to be retrieved using an iframe tag. The following example shows how you can embed and paste a Word document to an HTML with a single line of code:

Iframe code snippet. Embed a DOCX document into html.

<iframe width="1120"

After your document is rendered by the Cloud Services, it will be displayed on your web page as a JavaScript widget. You can view it, zoom in and out without the need for any other plugins installed. It is fast, secure, easy to use and absolutely free.

Test Embedding Word document in HTML

The following DOCX embedding demo shows how the result would look:


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