Aspose.Words  Cloud SDK for Swift

Work with Word Documents using Swift

Create, modify, convert, split and join Word documents in the Cloud.

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Aspose.Words Cloud Swift SDK enables computer programmers to develop cloud-based powerful applications in Swift to manipulate several major formats of word processing documents, such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice formats, etc. It allows working with Aspose.Words Cloud REST APIs inside Swift applications rapidly and easily, with zero initial cost.

Swift developers can easily create, render, merge, split, manipulate and convert their Word and OpenOffice documents from within their own applications. Aspose.Words Cloud Swift SDK supports several important document processing features such as word document conversion between various formats, splitting and merging word documents, Word document metadata and statistics access, protecting your word documents, add and edit watermarks. Moreover, you also easily access and edit word documents sections, paragraphs, text, images, tables, headers/footers, and many others.

Advanced Features

Mail merge and reports generation

Word documents Splitting

Read and write a word document

Insert page number field into Word documents

Word documents conversion to other file formats

Find or replace text in Word documents

Word documents Protection

Manipulate Bookmarks in Document

Merging multiple Word documents

Insert & Edit Tables in Word documents

Text or image-based watermarks support in Word documents

Accessing Word document metadata and statistics

Generate & Modify Word Documents in Swift

Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Swift enables software developers to create a new Word document from scratch and modify it according to their own needs. The SDK provides supports for several important Word Document formats such as DOC, DOCX, RTF, DOT, DOTX, DOTM, FlatOPC (XML), OOXML, OTT, Word 2003 XML and more. You can also get information about the document as well as statistical data of the document with ease.

Mail Merge & Generating Reports

Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Swift gives software developers the ability to use the standard as well as complex mail merge operations along with report generation capability inside their own applications. The SDK also provides facilities for using templates to create a report in Microsoft Word and then allow Aspose.Words Cloud to populate documents with data from an XML data sources. It supports several important complex mail merge operations such as inserting images, inserting HTML code or repeatable regions in reports.

Work with Tables in a Word Document

Microsoft Word tables are essential formatting tools that are used to help control the overall layout of a Word document . Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Swift enables developers to add new tables and modify existing ones in a word documents as per their requirements. It supports several important table related features such as, get list of tables in the document, delete table, get a specific table, get and update table properties, add new row to table, add a cell to a table, get a table cell and many more.

Watermark Addition to a Word document

Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Swift provides functionality for inserting a watermarks text as well as watermarks image into a word document using couple of commands. You can also add watermarks to headers/footers of a Word document. The object will appear as a watermark throughout the document. It also facilitates users to modify or delete a watermark inside word documents.


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