Compress JPG in Node SDK

Reduce JPG size using JavaScript

Using the REST API in JavaScript, developers can compress JPG programmatically. With the given solution, the output will be a high quality file after compression.

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Compress JPG in JavaScript

Using our powerful JavaScript API, developers can compress JPG to optimize content and output file size. Reducing file size occurs by cleaning up unused data and resources. You can also compress images to make the output file size even smaller.

The result of content optimization and compression can be saved in the original JPG or any available save format – DOCX, DOC, RTF, PDF, HTML and many others.

Reduce JPG file size in JavaScript

As mentioned, our Node SDK allows you to programmatically reduce the size of JPG. And now you can try our powerful functionality and evaluate how to compress JPG in JavaScript with the following example:

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import * as fs from "fs";

const wordsApi = new WordsApi("####-####-####-####-####", "##################");

const requestDocument = fs.createReadStream("Input.jpg");
const requestCompressOptions = new model.CompressOptions({
    imagesQuality: 75,
    imagesReduceSizeFactor: 1
const compressDocumentRequest = new model.CompressDocumentOnlineRequest({
    document: requestDocument,
    compressOptions: requestCompressOptions

.then((compressDocumentResult) => {
    const requestDocument = compressDocumentResult.Document.Values();
    const convertDocument = new model.ConvertDocumentRequest({
        document: requestDocument,
        format: "jpg"

    .then((convertDocumentResult) => {
        console.log("Result of ConvertDocument: ", convertDocumentResult);
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How to compress JPG JavaScript REST API

  1. Install Aspose.Words Cloud for Node
  2. Add a library reference (import the library) to your JavaScript project
  3. Configure API using your app keys
  4. Load the source JPG to compress
  5. Compress JPG, clean unused information
  6. Select the output file format
  7. Get the result of JPG compression as a separate file

JavaScript library to use JPG compression

Install 'Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Node.js' using NPM package manager. Run npm install asposewordscloud --save from the command line to install the SDK via the NPM package manager. As an alternative, you can manually clone Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Node.js source code from GitHub and use it in your project. Please follow these Instructions to quickly get the necessary security credentials and access our REST API.

System Requirements

  • @types/request (version 2.48.3+)
  • lodash (version 4.17.15+)
  • lodash.template (version 4.5.0+)
  • request (version 2.88.0+)
  • request-debug (version 0.2.0+)

Refer to the Repository Documentation to see more details.

Other supported file formats

You can perform document compression for other file formats:


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