Ruby Cloud SDK for Excel Manipulation

Create spreadsheets to encrypt, import, watermark, merge, apply formulas, conditional formatting, & conversion via Ruby Cloud SDK.

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Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Ruby

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Ruby


Create and manipulate Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, worksheets, and workbooks using Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Ruby which is built as a wrapper for Ruby Cloud REST API. This provides seamless integration into your Ruby applications and help you reduce effort to build robust spreadsheet manipulation business solutions.

Our Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK enables your Ruby programs to create, encrypt, import data in to spreadsheets and then watermark, merge, apply formulas, conditional formatting, & conversion to these Excel files and upload them to cloud via Aspose.Cells Ruby Cloud SDK.


Excel Spreadsheet Processing Features



Create spreadsheets from templates, XML or smart markers


Merge multiple spreadsheets


Split spreadsheets to single worksheet spreadsheets


Hide & show worksheets


Office Open XML (OOXML) support


Convert spreadsheets to different formats


Protect & unprotect workbooks & worksheets


Encrypt & de-crypt spreadsheets


Configure page setup


Manipulate rows, columns, cells & data


Export worksheets to images


Save as HTML files or streams


Extract charts, pictures, shapes as Images


Set the gradient background for charts


Apply styles and formatting to cells, rows, columns or ranges


Organize data by grouping rows & columns


Import/export data to & from DataTable, DataView or Array


Read, write & calculate complex formulas


Create & manipulate named ranges


Autofit rows & columns


Set auto-filters & page breaks


Dynamically create & manipulate Pivot Tables


Add & update text & images


Create & Manipulate comments

One SDK For Leading Spreadsheet Formats

The beauty of Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Ruby lies in its vast support for popular Excel Spreadsheet formats. When using this SDK, the developers can easily open and save a multitude of file formats. The SDK provides the ability to inter-convert Excel file formats without worrying about the format specific details and the conversion is performed with fewer code lines. The popular supported formats include XLS, XLSX, XLSB, XLSM, XLTX, XLTM, XML, ODS, Tab delimited, CSV, TSV and TXT. Whereas the Office Open XML (OOXML) is a container format for several specialized XML-based markup languages. OOXML SpreadsheetML documents mostly come as XLSX files, which are ZIP packages. In addition to XLSX format, Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Ruby also offers extensive support for converting SpreadsheetML files.

Convert Excel to PDF, XPS, HTML & Image Fomats

Excel spreadsheets require specific viewing applications to display the content of file and in order to avoid the possibility of loosing the file formatting when viewing the spreadsheet across various platforms, some of the viable solutions is to Excel spreadsheet to Image or Fixed layout formats. Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Ruby provides reliable & robust conversion features with high fidelity and ensures high degree of accuracy and precision. As per your requirements, you may Render Excel Spreadsheets, Charts, AutoShapes and OleObjects to raster image formats (including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and SVG), as well as render the whole workbook or selected worksheets to Fixed layout formats (PDF, PDF/A, XPS) or HTML format.

The SDK also provides the capabilities to Print the worksheets to local/network printers. The conversion process is greatly flexible thus allowing you to choose a number of options for the conversion, such as re-sampling of images while converting spreadsheets to PDF or controlling the resultant image dimensions when rendering worksheets & charts to images.

Excel to PDF conversion - Ruby

AsposeApp.app_key_and_sid("APP_KEY", "APP_SID")
@cells_api =  
@storage_api = 
response = @storage_api.put_create("Input.xltx","../../../data/" << "Input.xltx","r") { |io| } )

pdf_save_options =
pdf_save_options.calculate_formula = true
pdf_save_options.compliance = "None"
pdf_save_options.one_page_per_sheet = false
pdf_save_options.save_format = "PDF"
response = @cells_api.post_document_save_as("Input.xltx", pdf_save_options, {newfilename: "Resultant.pdf"})

Cell Level Control

Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Ruby allows you to manipulate rows and columns in many aspects such as adjusting row height & column width or auto resize the cell dimensions according to the contents inside it. You may also insert & delete, hide & un-hide, group & un-group rows and columns. You can add, modify or remove data from cells as well as add and calculate formulas in a worksheet cell to get the resultant value. You also get the capabilities to control the presentation of data inside the worksheet by offering advanced formatting features. Furthermore, you can apply formatting to individual row, column, cell, or you can create a range of cells and apply formatting to it. You can also add Rich Text to a single cell, apply borders, set background patterns and apply font styling. The SDK provides features to add, manipulate & calculate conditional formatting rules on the fly.

Control Data Display

The SDK provides complete control over the worksheet's page setup thus allowing you to manipulate Excel worksheet's display options such as page breaks, page orientation, scaling, paper size, headers/footers & zoom level. You may also control the data visibility using freeze panes & print area to suit your application requirements. The SDK also enables you to work with individual cells in a spreadsheet, add comments, apply validation rules and manage hyperlinks & pictures. It also allows spreadsheet manipulation from all aspects including worksheets, rows, columns, cells, text, data, images, hyperlinks, comments, charts, pictures, OLE objects, shapes and controls to the cells. Get the ability to add or remove data in cell elements. It also enables you to extract Text, images, data and many other objects from the Excel spreadsheets while using simple interfaces. .

Summarize Data with Pivot Tables

It can be difficult to get summarized information with very large spreadsheets. A Pivot Table can help you quickly summarize the flat data and to get the desired information according to your needs. Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Ruby allows you to dynamically create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. You can also dynamically change the source data of a Pivot Table and refresh it. Moreover, Aspose.Cells Cloud SDK for Ruby offers Smart Markers which is a great feature to populate worksheets based on some data source and to create visually effective reports. The SDK also provides an Efficient, Robust & Reliable Formula Calculation Engine that supports almost all of the standard and advanced Microsoft Excel formulas and functions. You can read, set and calculate the results of the built-in or add-in type, array and R1C1 reference style formulas.

Charts for Data Visualization

Get a complete freedom and flexibility to furnish your spreadsheets with all kinds of visual effects. It also allows you to apply different fonts with attributes, cell styles (alignment, indentation, rotation, borders, shading and coloring, protection, text wrapping and shrinking) and all types of number formats. Similarly, charts and graphics are visually appealing and can give your spreadsheet a professional look. It is a comprehensive set of APIs for creating and manipulating all of the standard and custom chart types and dynamically set the data in order to refresh the charts. Apart from Chart creation, the SDK also provides the ability to update the data source for an existing chart and refresh it.


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