Split documents into parts using Go

Go Cloud SDK to split several documents and export the result to almost any office format

Use Go library to split Word, PDF, Web documents via REST API. Easily split two or more documents into parts using Go.

Split documents using REST API in Go

This Go library provides Go developers with the ability to work with a document split function using REST API. It allows you to split one document into several smaller files online in Go. For example, you may need to email a few pages from your document, or you may want to show a customer only a part of your file. All this can be done through the document split functionality in Go code.

Various methods can be used for document splitting: 'by page', 'by page ranges', 'by headings', 'by section break'. Just load the original document and choose the method you need. Make sure your document uses the required heading styles or contains section breaks if you want to split your file according to these criteria using Go code. After splitting a document you can export the result as separate document pages or smaller files.

Split a document into parts using Go Cloud SDK

All document splitting is performed in the Cloud on Aspose web servers with maximum speed and in compliance with all security standards. Our Go library is designed to create document-processing applications and is based on client-server interaction via REST API.

Split Word, PDF, HTML, EPUB documents using different criteria with our Cloud SDK for Go. If you have questions on how to split a document into multiple files or how to extract pages according to specified parameters, try our Splitter online and export the result into a convenient document format:

Go code example to split a document using REST API
Input file
Upload files you want to split
Output format
Select the target format from the list
import (

config, _ := models.NewConfiguration("config.json")
wordsApi, ctx, _ := api.CreateWordsApi(config)

doc, _ := os.Open("Input.docx")
options := map[string]interface{}{
    "zipOutput": ToBoolPointer(true),
request := &models.SplitDocumentOnlineRequest{
    Document: doc,
    Format: ToStringPointer("docx"),
    Optionals: options,
zippedFiles = wordsApi.SplitDocumentOnline(ctx, request)
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How to use Go to split PDF, Word, Web documents and many other file formats

  1. Install Go Cloud SDK and add the reference (import the library) to your Go project.
  2. Configure API using your app keys
  3. Open the source file in Go using REST API.
  4. Call the 'SplitDocumentOnline()' method, passing the output filename with the required extension.
  5. Get the split result as separate files.

Go library to split files

Run go get -v github.com/aspose-words-cloud/aspose-words-cloud-go/2007/api to install Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Go. You can get a lot of useful information about other installation methods from the "How to use SDK" section.

Clone Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for Go source code from GitHub and use it in your project. Please follow these Instructions to quickly get the necessary security credentials and access our REST API.

System Requirements

Refer to the Repository Documentation to see the details.

The most popular file formats for splitting


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