Cloud SDK to Manipulate Word Documents in PHP Application

Create, edit or convert Word documents (20+ file formats) using Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for PHP.

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Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for PHP

Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for PHP


Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for PHP is developed on top of our true REST APIs, which provide the complete freedom of platform & programming language. From architectural perspective, Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for PHP is built as a layer on the top of Aspose.Words Cloud REST API, therefore it allows a higher level of abstraction, so that you don't need to know the REST API to use this SDK. Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for PHP provides a number of features including creation, manipulation, conversion & rendering of Microsoft Word document formats.

Document Conversion to Various Supported Formats

The Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for PHP supports document conversion to DOC, DOCX, XPS, TIFF, PDF, HTML, SWF, PCL, as well as it also offers the feature to convert PDF document to Word format. It also supported the capabilities to convert Word file to raster image format and during the conversion process, you can choose to render the complete document or a single page to image formats including JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF. During conversion to Image format, you may select to render the document content, as well as an option to render only the drawing shapes present inside the documents.


Advanced Word Processing features of Cloud SDK



Merge multiple Word documents


Split all or specific pages of a Word document


Convert Word documents to different formats


Find or replace text in Word documents


Manipulate document properties including Metadata and statistics


Execute simple to complex mail merge


Execute mail merge template


Insert a page number field into Word documents


Insert or edit watermark in Word documents


Read or Update existing Bookmarks


Get OLE data from Image object


PHP Cloud SDK for PHP 5.6 or higher

Comprehensive Support for Various Word Document Formats

An extensive support for various popular Word Document formats including DOC, DOCX, RTF, DOT, DOTX, DOTM, FlatOPC (XML), OOXML, OpenDocument 1.1 format, OTT and Word 2003 XML. Specifically the RTF specification is a set of predefined keywords which includes over 1400 keywords in the RTF 1.8 Specification and Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for PHP is capable of fully supporting (reading) the majority of these keywords.

Quick & Reliable Conversion to Popular Document Formats

Get a quick and reliable conversion of Word documents to other leading file formats including PDF where output conforms to PDF 1.5 or PDF/A-1b specifications. Get an ability to extract Word document contents or save file contents as plain Text file. Be amazed with great fidelity of output when performing Word to EPUB conversion because the Content, formatting, images, hyperlinks and navigation will work in any EPUB compliant reader.

Mail Merge & Reporting Solution

Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for PHP allow developers to use standard or more complex mail merge operations such as inserting images or repeatable regions in reports. You can design reports in Microsoft Word and then allow Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for PHP to populate documents with data from XML data sources.

Populate MailMerge Template with Data - PHP

$this->words = new WordsApi(null, $this->config);
$file = realpath(__DIR__ . '/../../../..') . '/TestData/MailMerge/' . $localName;
$data = file_get_contents(realpath(__DIR__ . '/../../../..') . '/TestData/MailMerge/' . "SampleMailMergeTemplateData.txt");
$this->storage->PutCreate($Path=self::$baseTestPath . $subfolder . "/" . $remoteName, $versionId = null, $storage = null, $file);
$request = new Requests\PostDocumentExecuteMailMergeRequest("TestPostDocumentExecuteMailMerge.docx", false, $data, $folder=self::$baseTestPath . $subfolder,
    null, null, null, null,
    null, null,self::$baseTestOut . $remoteName);
$result = $this->words->postDocumentExecuteMailMerge($request);

Load PDF & Convert to Word Document Formats

Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for PHP offers its own conversion engine and provides a unique feature to load PDF document from storage as an input and convert it to Word document. During conversion process, you can choose either of the supported format i.e. DOC/DOCX. The conversion is robust enough as it converts PDF tables and lists into native Word tables and lists.


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